Why Us

Our goal is give solution for your business needs.


Qualified team and have lot of experiences in web app or mobile app development.


Technology is just a tool, we do an effective approach to use technology for solving problems


We always implemented new technology for our product and project .

How we works

24/7 Support

Don't worry, our service is always going to work though and are on vacation

Always Understanding

Focus on your problem we are commit to give best service

Design Quality

We know that the design is the most important part of a technology


With our approach, we always try to found a way to solve your problem


Time is money for your business, we work fast As Soon As Possible


Great team always bring best results.

Software and Data

Web Application

Save your organization time and cost. Bring your complex business procces to a simple web application.

Mobile Application

Everyone needs flexibility, work with mobile device is saved a lot time so buiild a mobile application is a necessity.

Integration System

Your system has been running for a long time, but you need some additional systems so that your business can grow.

Data Analytics

Data is a new gold, turn your data to a new potential business or make your process more efficient

Networking and Hardware


Install and configure a wide variety of network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions across a broad range of vendors. Our team of consultants can also supply and provide ongoing support for hardware installations, and will help your business find the perfect network installation solution, whatever your requirements may be.


As with auto, household and facility maintenance, sometimes your network requires a little extra assistance to avoid problems. While there are some preventative maintenance tasks you can perform on your own to minimize network downtime, you may find that you need to pair your efforts with those of the experts to keep your operations running smoothly on a daily basis.


provides CCTV solution to all market sectors as we have been doing design, installation and maintenance for over 20 years in Indonesia. Recently the demand of CCTV system is increasing not only in medium or large business sectors but also in small business sector. We are confident we can offer the best design to meet your business needs.

Our experienced security consultant will do the survey and advise you on important matters. During the survey, we define these matters as important:

  • The type of cameras and their location
  • Which recording equipment will suitable and provide good quality of images
  • Define the storage capacity in accordance with your requirements

Our Tech